Ghost Fastpitch Bat FAQ's


What certifications does the Ghost Double Barrel Fastpitch bat have?
The 2017 Ghost bat is ASA/ISF certified only and will remain that way.

What is the launch date?
      • The Ghost Launch is 6/16/17 and there is NO 9/1/17 launch of a dual stamp Ghost model
      • 32", 33", 34" -10 are now available for pre-order
      • -9 available now in 32", 33", 34"
      • 30"& 3" will be available starting 7/1/17
      • -11 will not be available until 2018

Is this bat approved for NCAA play?
The Ghost bat has been certified for NCAA play, under ASA Rules, and is on the approved list of bats.

Will there be a Ghost bat approved for USSSA play?
Easton will pursue a Ghost model that is approved for USSSA play in 2018, but that certification requires a different testing protocol, so separate ASA and USSSA models may be required to optimize the performance for each.


Why should I use the Ghost bat in ASA play?
If you play under ASA rules, you will want to have the Ghost because it was built specifically for the ASA certification (98MPH)- there is no better ASA bat for feel, sound and performance (aka, pop)!

What type of player should swing the Ghost bat?
Every level of hitter will experience success with the Ghost due to its unique double barrel construction, and specifically due to the industry's lowest compression of the outer barrel.

• Older/stronger players can compress the outer barrel to the point where it collides with the inner barrel, achieving max performance right up to the point of the 98MPH certification limit.

• Younger players will also benefit from the double barrel construction. The Ghost's super low compression will allow the younger player to generate trampoline off the barrel just like the older/stronger player, maximizing her power potential on every swing.

Always be sure to check your tournament rules first.

What tournaments is the Ghost bat approved for?
If you play in any of the following, The Ghost is approved for play in:
      • Any ASA sanctioned play:
          - Fireworks/Sparkler
          - USA Softball
          - High School
      • Any PGF tournament
      • Triple Crown Tournaments (depends on tournament location)
      • NCAA play 

It is not approved for play in:
      • USSSA / ISA / NSA sanctioned play