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V1E SR – Non-Grip

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V1E SR – Non-Grip

Hockey Sticks

The V-Series has been completely redesigned around the correct shooting technique, focusing on puck position, blade angle and energy transfer. The V1E features an elliptical profile with a Tuned Shaft Flex Profile for a lower kick-point, storing more energy in the taper.

  • Multi-Rib Construction for consistent performance
  • Tuned Shaft Flex Profile for a higher kick-point, storing more energy near the bottom hand

Technical Image
1 E3 The most popular pattern in hockey. The rockered base of the blade allows you to keep the puck toward the toe and lift the heel off the ice in order to load the blade. Whether you’re going high or low, with your hands in the right spot out in front of the puck, you will look the same to the goalie.
2 E4 A straighter curve and very slight rocker puts more blade on the ice for handling the puck on both sides. The lie keeps your stance low to the ice and gives you good reach to go around defenders.
3 E7 Smaller paddle size intended for quick hands and precision puck handling. Basic mid-curve allows for shots to come from anywhere on the blade.

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