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Bâtons de hockey

La Série-V a été entièrement repensée autour de la bonne technique du tir, en se concentrant sur la position de la rondelle, l'angle de la palette et le transfert d'énergie. Le V9 dispose d'un manche avec Profil à Réglage Flex pour un point de relâchement plus haut et qui permet de stocker plus d'énergie dans la partie du bas, près de la main inférieure.

  • NOUVEAU: HYPERTOE(TM) – Conception avec nervures décalées pour augmenter la vitesse de relâchement à partir du bout de la palette.
  • NOUVEAU: Centre de la palette segmentée avec mousse Airex pour un temps de réponse amélioré et une meilleure sensation


Technical Image
1 E3 The most popular pattern in hockey. The rockered base of the blade allows you to keep the puck toward the toe and lift the heel off the ice in order to load the blade. Whether you’re going high or low, with your hands in the right spot out in front of the puck, you will look the same to the goalie.
2 E4 A straighter curve and very slight rocker puts more blade on the ice for handling the puck on both sides. The lie keeps your stance low to the ice and gives you good reach to go around defenders.
3 E5 Built for shooting off the heel, the puck is loaded at the base of the shaft yielding heavy shots. Loading behind the puck creates a low trajectory for getting shots through to the net from the point.
4 E7 Smaller paddle size intended for quick hands and precision puck handling. Basic mid-curve allows for shots to come from anywhere on the blade.
5 E28 This is the fastest growing pattern for elite players around the world. It not only keeps the puck on the toe for accurate snap shots, but the open face also forces your hands out in front of the puck to maximize the load and release of the stick. Built for players to seamlessly adjust as they grow into Int and Sr sticks.
6 E36 A versatile mid curve great for handling the puck in all aspects of the game. The dual lie helps position the puck on the toe to load the blade. The Jr was developed with more curve in the toe to give younger players more control over the puck as they are developing their shooting technique.

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