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Discover the beauty and magic of amateur baseball on display at the Little League Baseball® World Series

Southwest Region

Congrats to Universal Little League from Corpus Christi, TX on being the Southwest Regional Champions.

Southeast Region

Congrats to South Nashville Little League from Nashville, TN on being the Southeast Regional Champions.

New England Region

Congrats to Westport Little League from Westport, CT on being the New England Regional Champions.

Midwest Region

Congrats to Urbandale Little League from Urbandale, IA on being the Midwest Regional Champions.

Mid-Atantic Region

Congrats to Newark National from Newark, DE on being the Mid-Atlantic Regional Champions.

Great Lakes Region

Congrats to Grosse Pointe Woods-Shores Little League from Grosse Pointe Woods, MI for winning the Great Lakes Regional.

West Region

Congrats to Eastlake Little League from Chula Vista, CA for being the West Region Little League Champions

Northwest Region

Congrats to the Eastlake All-Stars from Sammamish, WA on winning the Northwest Regional.

USA Teams

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Mexico Region

Congrats to Municipal de Tijuana Little League from Tijuana, Baja California on being the Mexico Regional Champions.

Latin America Region

Congrats to Aguadulce Cabezera Little League from Aguadulce, Panama on being the Latin America Regional Champions.

Europe and Africa Region

Congrats to South Moravia Little League from Brno, Czech Republic on being the Europe and Africa Regional Champions.

Caribbean Region

Congrats to Samaritana Little League from San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico on being the Caribbean Regional Champions.

Canada Region

Congrats to East Nepean Little League from Nepean, Ontario on being the Canada Regional Champions.

Australia Region

Congrats to Perth Metro Central Little League from Perth, Australia on being the Australia Regional Champions.

Japan Region

Congrats to Musashi Fuchu Little League from Fuchu, Tokyo on being the Japan Regional Champions.

Asia-Pacific Region

Congrats to Chung-Ping Little League from Taoyuan, Taiwan on being the Asia-Pacific Regional Champions.

International Teams

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Watch as Easton takes each Little League team through the Hit Lab and see the players learn about the Science of Hitting.

Train above the Neck

See how Easton has partnered with Axon sports to offer players a new tool that will make them the complete hitter. Focusing on training above the neck Easton continues to learn more about the Science of Hitting.

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