"Most common hitters' mistakes are top hand rollover. You can't roll that top hand over and hit those chopping ground balls on the pull side."

Rick Vanderhook
(Fullerton Head Coach)

"This is basically staying inside the ball for dummies. It is impossible to get in a bad hitting position. I love it!"

Dave Van Horn
(Arkansas Head Coach)

"We teach hitters to get their hands inside the ball and stay on the ball and through the ball as long as possible. It seems with the Torq handle, it allows them to do just that. Especially with the pitch on the inner third, it seems easier for them to get their hands into attack position and stay on that pitch a little bit longer and keep it fair, instead of hooking it foul!"

John Savage
(UCLA Head Coach)

"It's going to help the player that rolls his top hand over. Now his top hand is not going to roll over and the barrel is going to stay through the ball longer. I think he's going to get a lot more backspin on the ball."

Rick Vanderhook
(Fullerton Head Coach)

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