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Balle Lente 13" - RVS1300

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Balle Lente 13" - RVS1300

Gant De Balle Lente

Ce gant extrêmement durable est fabriqué de cuir de haute qualité le plus robuste au monde. Ses différentes caractéristiques en font un gant de haute performance incluant une pochette extra profonde et le système bio-dri. Le gant devient une extension de votre main pour vous aider à compléter le jeu.

  • A customizable back of the hand allows a player to adjust the size of the strap on the back of their hand, as well allows the player to customize the strap through personalized embroidery
  • The palm is enlarged with an additional notch added between the index and middle finger in order to create a super deep pocket that allows players to vacuum up ground balls and snatch fly balls

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