I am a customer. What is the process to return my bat?

To return your bat and receive your voucher click here to complete our on-line web form; this is the FASTEST way to expedite your return.  Upon receipt of this information, Easton will send you a pre-paid shipping label to return your bat.  Alternatively, you can call 1-844-531-7079 to speak to a representative.

I have a different size Ghost bat, is it legal?

Yes. Only the 30" YBB18GX10 Ghost -10 has been decertified by USA Baseball. All other sizes in the -10 model, 28", 29", 31", 32", as well as all sizes in the -8, -5 and -11 Ghost Hyperlite models, remain certified and legal for play in USA Baseball.

How long will it take to receive the voucher?

Upon receipt of the bat, within 24 hours, Easton will issue a single, one time use voucher in the amount of $500, redeemable for any products at Easton.com.

How do I use the voucher on Easton.com?

After selecting your desired products and placing into your shopping cart, you will enter the unique code on your voucher during the check-out step. The voucher will cover the combination of your merchandise, sales tax and your choice of ground or 2nd day shipping charges up to $500. 

What if my total purchases with this voucher is less than $500?

The voucher is a one-time use voucher up to a total value of $500. We encourage you to make your purchasing decisions to maximize the value of the one-time use voucher at the time of check-out on Easton.com.

What if my total purchases exceed $500?

You will first enter your voucher code at check-out and any remaining balance can be paid via a credit card.

Does the voucher cover sales tax?

The one-time use voucher was provided to cover the cost of items purchased on Easton.com including ground or 2nd day shipping and sales tax up to a total value of $500.

Can my voucher be combined with another coupon/discount code?

The one-time use $500 voucher cannot be combined with any other coupon/discount codes on Easton.com.

How long is the voucher valid?

The $500 voucher will be valid through 5/31/2019.

Can I return the bat to the store where I purchased it for a different size?

Although every retailer has their own policies, Easton is actively working with retailers to support potential refund/replacement opportunity at store. All other sizes in the -10 model, 28", 29", 31", 32", as well as all sizes in the -8, -5 and -11 Ghost Hyperlite models remain certified and legal for play in USA Baseball.

Will Easton provide a box to return the bat?

Easton will pay the shipping fees, and has increased the value of the voucher substantially to accommodate packaging and effort required to ship the bat back.

Can I exchange my bat for a different size?

Once you return your bat, Easton will issue a $500, one time use voucher for use on any product available on Easton.com.

I'm a dealer and want to return the bat

Please contact Easton Customer Service @ 800-632-7866 to receive an RA and instructions on how to send back the bat.