Trade in your USA, USSSA or BBCOR baseball bat, and receive a credit of up to $100 toward the purchase of a new Easton USSSA (ADV 360 or MAXUM 360) or BBCOR (B5 PRO BIG BARREL, ADV 360, MAXUM ULTRA) baseball bat on!



We accept Easton bats as well as bats from a variety of other brands. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Complete the form below. Once we verify the bat in your photo and its condition, we will send you a shipping label to use when sending us your old bat.
  2. Box up and ship your bat to us for processing.
  3. Upon receiving your bat, we will verify its model and condition.
  4. We will then send you a voucher to use when buying your new qualifying Easton USSSA or BBCOR baseball bat on


Complete the form below and click Submit to begin your bat trade in. If you have any questions, please review the FAQ’s section.


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Current Bat Year / Model*
Current Bat Size*
Voucher Amount Eligibility*
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    In what condition does my trade in bat have to be?

    Your bat must be in usable condition. No sizeable denting, cracks or breakage.

    What if the bat that I’d like to trade in is broken or cracked?

    We only accept bats that are in usable condition. We will not accept bats with sizeable denting, cracks or breakage.

    What is a voucher?

    A voucher is a credit that is only redeemable on A voucher IS NOT cash. For Easton’s Trade In and Trade Up Program, a voucher is provided via e-mail with a unique code that can be entered at checkout on for a qualifying new Easton USSSA or BBCOR bat.

    What are qualifying USSSA or BBCOR models?

    BB21B5, BB20ADV, BB21MX, SL20ADV10, SL20ADV8, SL20ADV108, SL20ADV58, SL20MX12, SL20MX10, SL20MX58

    How is the trade in value of my bat determined?

    We establish the trade in value of a bat based on its MSRP and condition.

    How long will it take to receive the voucher?

    Upon receipt of your bat and verification of the model and condition, Easton will process your submission within a few business days and issue your voucher via e-mail.

    How do I redeem the voucher on

    After selecting your new Easton USSSA or BBCOR bat on, add it to your cart. Then, click on your “cart” and hit the “checkout”. Next, enter the unique code included with your voucher during checkout. The voucher credit will cover the combination of your merchandise, sales tax and your choice of ground or second-day shipping charges up to the voucher amount. You may pay the remaining balance via credit card.

    How long is the voucher valid?

    The Trade In and Trade Up Program voucher will be valid until one year from the date it was issued.

    Will Easton provide a box to ship my trade in bat?

    No. You will be responsible for boxing your bat for shipping to Easton.

    Will Easton provide a pre-paid shipping label to ship my trade in bat?

    Yes. Upon completion of the above Trade In and Trade Up form and verification of your bat in the photo submitted, we will e-mail you a shipping label you may use to send us your trade in bat.

    Can my voucher be combined with another voucher or coupon/discount code?

    The Trade In and Trade Up Program voucher cannot be combined with any other coupon/discount codes on If you traded in multiple bats and received multiple vouchers, you may only use one voucher per each USSSA or BBCOR bat order on

    Can I trade in more than one bat?

    Only one bat per submission is accepted at this time, with a maximum of two bats per household in a one-year period.

    Can I use the voucher to purchase other Easton gear?

    No. The Trade In Trade Up voucher can only be applied to a new Easton USSSA or BBCOR bat purchase on

    Will the bat I purchase with my voucher carry a full warranty?

    Yes. Your bat will be covered under Easton’s one-year warranty.

    If a bat is purchased with a trade in voucher, is that bat eligible for trade in itself at a later time?

    Yes. Our Trade In and Trade Up program will continue to update and include future models.